Dave Chappelle: The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize – after thoughts



After watching this, a music link from someone, and yesterdays conversation with my broseph; this was the outcome.


how do i express myself for myself and for the world.
this is typically expressed through “art”.
art is very broad word and expressed in many ways, even physically.
which art form is yours?

ordinary, mediocrity, average, these are not things we should strive to be.
excellence, inspiration, awesome, perhaps we should strive for these ideals.
not everyone is made the same and we all have something to provide.
we cannot provide those things in all cicumstances nor emotional states, it comes to us in our places of recognition, where ever and however that may be.

one cannot strive towards something without nuturing an idea.
one must also accepte failure as a possible outcome and not be afraid to move past that.

the writers room, thats where art seems to begin!

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